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My Tutoring Policies

What if I’m not satisfied with the tutoring?

For a new student, the first hour of tutoring is always free. This way, if you're dissatisfied with my service, you aren't out any money. If you schedule more sessions with me, they will cost $25 per hour. I can't provide refunds after a tutoring session is over, but feel free to cancel any scheduled sessions with at least 24 hours' notice.

Can you help me study for an exam?

I can, though if you are having trouble in a class, I strongly suggest you sign up for regular tutoring. Hiring me to help you study for an exam can only be so helpful when I have never worked with you or seen the structure of the class or its assignments.

Can you help me do my homework?

Often tutoring sessions are built around homework assignments since their whole purpose is to give you practice in the subject. That said, I only use homework as a tool to teach you the material. As such, we may complete only part of an assignment during a tutoring session, with the expectation that, when we are done, you will be able to complete the rest on your own. Completing homework will always come second to ensuring you understand the material.

Will you tutor someone who is not a student?

Certainly. Many people approach me looking to learn more about a subject for their own personal benefit or to help them at work. Regardless of your reasoning, I am happy to help if I can.

Can I hire you as a long-term tutor even if I can’t schedule sessions for the same day and time every week?

Yes! I'm happy to schedule sessions week by week.

A friend and I both need help with math, but he is in algebra and I am in calculus. Can you tutor us both together?

No. I will tutor up to three students at a time, but only if they are working on the same material. Trying to teach two subjects at once will diminish the quality of your tutoring.

My Experience

How do I know you’re qualified to teach a subject?

You can view a list of my qualifications here. You can also see my qualifications on, a tutoring service. They use online testing to verify my ability in a subject before approving me as a tutor in that subject.

How can I check your background before hiring you to teach me or my children?

My profile lists the date and results of my last background check. You can see them here. If you’d like a more recent background check, you may run a new one yourself through

Do you have a teaching degree?

No, my B.S. is in physics and my graduate study is in physics and biology.

Have you ever worked and been paid as a teacher?

Yes. I was an instructor at Eastern Kentucky University for 1.5 years, I taught public classes at the Lexington Public Library for nine months, and I worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Kansas for one semester.

Do you have experience teaching children?

Yes, though mostly in an unofficial capacity. In high school I tutored elementary students regularly for the A+ Program. I also babysat regularly, which included helping kids with their homework. While working at the Lexington Public Library, from 2011-2014, I often helped students with their homework in a variety of subjects.

Do you have experience teaching adults?

I spent almost a year teaching public classes in computer and job-seeking skills. The vast majority of students in these classes were adults. In addition, I helped adults on a one on one basis through the library’s “book a librarian” program in a variety of subjects.

Do you have experience dealing with learning disorders?

I occasionally taught elementary students, soldiers, and adults with learning disorders during the teaching experiences listed above. That said, I do not have any official experience in psychology, and I encourage you to talk to me about any concerns you have.

Can you help with advanced or graduate level courses?

That depends on the subject. If you need a tutor in a more advanced or specialized subject, I will likely want to take a few days to refresh my own knowledge before scheduling a tutoring session with you, so please contact me well in advance. There are plenty of subjects in which I don’t have enough experience to provide quality tutoring. If this is the case, I will tell you so, and point you in the direction of a qualified tutor or other resources.

Are there any subjects you cannot tutor me in?

Yes, there are plenty of subjects which I do not have experience in. If you need tutoring in a subject I do not know well, I will point you toward other resources where you can get more help. Subjects I generally cannot tutor include art (aside from writing and basic principles of music), history, social sciences, economics, philosophy, psychology, politics, and more.


How much does tutoring cost?

See Price and Payment Options

Do I have to pay in advance?

No, you can pay at the end of each session, though you have the option of paying in advance if you want. You may also pay on a schedule if you are a regular student, like monthly or biweekly.

Do I have to pay for canceled or rescheduled sessions?

As long as you give me more than 12 hours’ notice, I’m happy to cancel or reschedule sessions without any fee. If you cancel less than 12 hours ahead of a session, you’ll be required to pay for the time. This is because I am unable to schedule another student in your place with such short notice.

What if a tutoring session doesn’t run an even one or two hours?

Tutoring sessions must be scheduled for a minimum of one hour, and you are required to pay for one hour even if you end the session earlier. If you have a two hour session scheduled, and it ends before two hours is up, I will calculate the cost based on the time actually spent working. I do not offer sessions longer than two hours.

Do you accept credit card?


Do you accept cash?



How does your health condition affect your tutoring service?

Normally my health does not hurt my ability to teach. Rarely there may be instances where I will be forced to cancel a tutoring session due to severe symptoms. If this happens, I will re-schedule the session as soon as possible, and give you a 50% discount at the re-scheduled session.

Do you have pets?

I do have two cats. I tutor at my home, but if the client is allergic to cats, it would be best to meet at the client's home or in a public location.